Our products are available for sale through our distribution partner Treadshire Limited. Please visit the link below for all information on prices and packaging.

Should you decide to buy 3 kg or more please contact us directly at export@eko-aromatik.com

About Treadshire Limited

Once upon a time... in a small and pretty little village very near to Vico on the French island of Corsica, Julie Dawn, a British citizen from Cornwall, together with François her Corsican husband co-founded a company with another local couple, in 2007. Not too far from the magical lake of Crena, a Corsican Skin Care Company was born, taking advantage of the magical properties of the nearby maquis where the "Immortelle" is harvested (it's the French name of Helichrysum Italicum).

At the time JD widely contributed to work on the formulations in order to build the innovative skin care brand known today. It was however decided for personal business reasons in 2010 -much too long to explain here- to sell the totality of the 50% shares held in the Corsican company to our former associates who accepted to our delight our proposition to split destinies..

Taking advantage of the benefit of years of experience around the use of our pure and natural essential oil Helichrysum Italicum, buyers around the world trust now our company. Several French and European laboratories as well as wholesalers in 28 countries such as the United States, Australia, China, Taiwan or Russia, to name only but a few, trust the high quality of our oil...

Our global headquarters (sales) have been based in the United Kingdom since 2009 in order to have a more efficient logistic network and be closer to our markets and customers: Francois is very much hands on sales. Every season however from May to August Francois and Julie are in turn or together in France most of the time to supervise the harvest and distillation of helichrysum Immortelle.