Secrets of essential oils

Secrets of

Essential oils

The divine fragrance of Helichrysum italicum is sweetish, multi-layered and has a pronounced perfume-like scent. The fragrance has inspired people a long time ago to use it for cosmetic purposes. Also known as Immortelle, it is well known for having the power to erase the traces of time on the human face. Less poetically said: it has a strong anti-wrinkle effect and it revitalises and regenerates tired, mature skin exposed to external and internal stress. Natural handpicked flowers are used for the production of oil that has a beneficial effect on the skin, alleviating inflammation and making it smooth and soft. 

Recipe for Youth

It is said to be effective at preserving the youth of your skin, as it works against wrinkles and revitalizes and regenerates the tired and ageing skin. Such were the words used by the French classical school of aromatherapy, which shot the immortelle into popularity. You can make your own, completely natural, anti-ageing oil.

You will need:

15ml of Argan essential oil, cold pressed and unrefined 15 ml of Wild rose essential oil, cold pressed and unrefined 2-4 drops of Immortelle essential oil Put everything in a small 30ml bottle and shake well. Apply it in thin layers, mostly at night.

All of these lovely ingredients

come together to create a light, silky serum that spreads thinly and easily across the skin. The oil is exceptionally nutritional and it will make your skin livelier and shinier, even after the first use.


Before the distillation of essential oils became common, Immortelle essential oils were extracted with a use of olive or almond oils, because vegetable oils dissolve well the essential oil. Such a mixture would take a pleasant scent of immortelle flowers. Today it is impossible to purchase it, but from time to time it is produced by experienced phytotherapeutists who read the older literature, or remember the tradition of our ancestors. It was used primarily in cosmetics and in care of skin prone to inflammation. 

As the distillation in the late 19th century became widespread in Europe, production of this costly and precious oil became common. Immortelle contains very little essential oil (less than 0.05 percent), and it takes more than a ton of plants in order to obtain a kilogram of essential oil. It is made by distilling only fresh herbs. Therefore, its price is high, as it befits to a plant of immortality.


During the distillation process of Immortelle a very interesting subproduct is made. Helichrysum hydrolat or floral water has a strong skin healing effect, and it reduces bruises and hematoma.

It is excellent for skin regeneration as it enhances skin microcirculation, encourages the healing of acne-caused scars and removes dark circles. This hydrolat also has a very pleasant smell.

The immortelle oil is also one of the best treatments for hematomas (bruises), as was accidentally discovered by the French doctor and aromatherapist Daniel Pénoël, who brought with him several dl of the oil when he travelled abroad.

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He was attacked by a St. Bernard one night and was bitten several times on his leg. Because he had no other ideas of what to do, he used the immortelle essential oil he had with him and applied it carefully, several times during the night.

When he woke up the following morning, he noticed that there were no marks where his bruises used to be. The wounds he got from being bitten by the St. Bernard were completely healed, which was truly an unbelievable sight.

This made him want to test the effects of the oil on his patients and he soon discovered that the oil can heal bruises fast, even older yellow-green bruises which seem to stick for too long.



 He also found that the oil was faster than most other medications he used.

Despite the trends that locally produced goods are inferior to those imported, we believe that one of the greatest treasures our country has is localy grown immortelle.

By using all the benefits gentle climate, clean air and water provide, we are sure that quality of our products will surpass others on the market.

In times of economic crises on the global market, we may not make you immortal and immune to all global trends, but we can make you healthier and prettier.