New research shows that the anti-aging constituents are surprising

what is the neryl acetate content of your helichryum ?

The question that people ask regularly

The essential oil helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) also called “immortelle” is a plant of the asteraceae family. The common names include immortelle or everlasting because the colour of the flowers do not fade even after being picked. Itis also known as curry plant because of its warm, spicy scent reminiscent of curry.  This is especially true after the rain on our plantation.


Mainly used in cosmetics for its “anti-aging” properties.In Aromatherapy it is mainly used in the form of essential oil for its powerful anti-hematoma power. Helichrysum hasanti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

An allrounder in the family first aid kit, used for bumps and bruises, wounds and scars, even older ones, apply diluted to all skin inflictions including acne and other inflammations.In Herzegovina where our immortelle grows it has been used in a well-known burn salve, treating both the burn quickly and leaving no scar, which has been used for generations and whose ingredients had been a family secret – till now.


The Mediterranean basin is the home for helichrysum italicum which includes 3 chemotypes identified as:

Corsican helichrysum rich in neryl acetate but with a variable concentration of italidiones [1]

Italian helichrysum [2] [3] ,variable in neryl acetate [4] , sometimes rich in italicene [5] though can have less italidiones

Balkanhelichrysum, with a lower concentration of neryl acetate, often rich in italidiones and pinenes.

The variability of the chemical constituents of helichrysum have been attributed to geographical location, soil conditions, harvesting and climatic conditions[7].  This is especially true on our two plantations here we see a different result from our two plantations depending on the number of hours of sunlight the plant receives.

The Corsican chemotype with a high level of neryl acetate has been considered as superior to other variations. In “L’AROMATHERAPIE EXACTEMENT” Pierre Franchomme and Daniel Penoëlsay that italidiones are the crucial asset in the anti-hematoma action of essential oil.


Who has ever used helichrysum will have no doubt about its effectiveness, though science hasn’t proven it to a certainty why,even when the chemotypes are different?

Recentlythere have been studies of α-pinene and its anti-inflammatory properties [8] [9] as well as for its protective effect against loss of collagen and elastin, two molecules essential for the skin structure [6] .The latter could well be at the origin of the anti-hematoma and anti-aging effects of helichrysum oil or a synergy between the named constituents. It could thus preserve the firmness of the skin(anti-aging) and haltthe damage linked to the inflammation that accompanies tissue trauma. The study in question indicates that Neryl acetate does not have these properties, which is an argument in favour of the Balkan helichrysum.

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The divine fragrance of Helichrysum italicum is sweetish, multi-layered and has a pronounced perfume-like scent


Anti-age term is one of the most used terms in today’s marketing strategies for cosmetic industry